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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Green....or brown, or blue, or blonde?

Colors have been a popular topic around our home lately...Carson has always had blue eyes, but recently they are looking a bit green. His doctor mentioned it a while ago, and seems to think they will turn and stay green...but they still look blueish too...who knows? Also, Carson has been out in the sun a lot recently, and the front of his hair is becoming blondish...they rest of his hair has lightened to light brown...Harper on a similar note has been a subject of color change. He was born with dark dark gray eyes, and 7 weeks later, they still are! We aren't sure what color they will turn to....everyone has their own opinion...Most say green or brown. I personally think brown, but again, who knows? His hair is also still jet black. Carson's was the same way but continues to get lighter. So more then likely, Harper's will do the same.

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