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Monday, January 16, 2012

Batman Birthday Party

**so first and foremost, my oldest baby is 5! like every mom out there, i simply cannot believe how quickly this all goes by! i could write some sappy note about how my baby isn't technically a baby anymore, but i'm afraid my hormones will get the best of me!**

the big 5 year old on the morning of his birthday!

when carson said he wanted a batman party, i wasn't thirlled...but its his day, and if he wants a batman party, then a batman party he will get!

**i will warn now that i didn't get a lot of pictures and the ones i did snap are not great quality...i was busy hosting 12 kids (not including my two!) and their parents...oh and our families as well. it was SO very worth it, though!

one more side note: i made all of the labels for the food. i simply googled-imaged the batman logo and added the food name to it (i used photoshop, but you can literally use any photo-editing website like picnik). sent the files to my husband who printed everything out for me at his work (amen for unlimited access to office supplies!) and i laminated the labels at home. 

first up, the food layout:

the party punch:

(2 liter Hawaiian punch, 2 liter ginger ale, 1/2 gallon Orange Juice, served cold)

Bottled Water:

i made the labels on photoshop. copied them onto a word document. printed them out. cut them out in strips. and then used packaging tape to secure them onto the bottled water. honestly, i just kinda winged it because i didn't have a lot of time to work on them. they worked though!


a quick shot of the far left side of the table:

oh, and of course the cake:

my mom and i made the cake. we squirted yellow dye into a container of white frosting. frosted the cake. i printed and cut out the batman logo and then placed it on the cake. my brother outlined the logo with black icing. after we removed the paper logo, my mom painstakingly filled the entire logo in.

I didn't get pictures of the rest of the food, but the snacks included:

Penguin Popcorn
Catwoman Cupcakes
Gotham City Party Dip (a cream cheese dip and a spinach dip...compliments of my mom ;)
Robin's Raw Veggies (a vegetable platter)
Poison Ivy's Pretzels
Riddle Me This Party Tray (pepperoni/cheese/cracker tray)
Two-Face Oreo Cookies
Batman Birthday Cake

and the beverages were:

Joker Juice (aka party punch)
Bottled Water

i also made batman masks for the kids to wear. i printed and cut out this template and traced it onto felt. (each sheet of felt can fit two masks). i cut them out and tied elastic to them. total cost for 16 masks: $3.50.

harper was my tester:
(bad cell phone picture to follow)

as far as activities go, it was pretty standard party stuff. we had a play-doh table and a batman coloring table. we played the batman version of pin the tail of the donkey (aka pin the batman logo on batman's chest;) and musical chairs.  


can i just say that planning, creating, and implementing this party at 34+ weeks pregnant with #3 was REALLY hard on this mama.

but it was SO worth it. 


  1. looks great maria! happy bday carson!!!
    at least you got one theme request , deac has requested a football/basketball/skateboard all-in-one party!!! :) miss you guys!

  2. Hi!

    I am an intern for Jerry James Stone, a vegetarian food blog. I am putting together a slideshow for Batman v. Superman, and I would like to include your Joker Juice in it. I would only use a photo from this post, and then link back to the original post and give you credit.

    Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.

    Jana French

  3. Little ones are just madly in love with batman. Really liked your birthday party favors. Want to throw my nephew a birthday party at venue New York. Will have this batman themed party. I am sure he and his friends gonna enjoy this party!

  4. you did a fab job you go girl go !!!! Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Gave me joy and brought me back to my own littles ones from bygone days. Enjoy taking the effort to go the extra mile making the wee ones parties. Cause it is indeed fleeting period in your lives....

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