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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The trouble with shoes...

Kane and I have entered into a new world, a jungle, blindfolded and ignorant. We went (for the first time) toddler shoe shopping (key in the scary background music). So when Carson first started walking, he had Target shoes, then sandals, and more recently a pair of canvas shoes from the Baby Gap. These last pair only lasted 2 months (he had a big foot growth), so we decided to get him a pair of "real" shoes. So off we went, completely oblivious to what we were going to get ourselves into. We walked into Shoe Carnival, confident that we would be in and out fairly quickly. We were wrong. Every brand of shoe imaginable were mixed in together (this includes girls shoes). There were absolutely no 6 or 6 1/2 (Carson's shoe size), and more shocking of all? The prices. A pair of toddler "name brand" shoes ranged from $27-$60. For a pair of shoes that will literally be outgrown in 2-4 months! That should be illegal. So after about an hour of staring at the price tags in disbelief, we decided to try out a different store. Next stop, the Foot Locker next to El Cerro Grande. We walk in, see a sign that says 50-70 percent off toddler shoes, and feel better about the prices. They ranged from $17-$20, which was more in our expected price range. And then the problems. First and foremost, the 6's are almost completely gone(a popular shoe size, says the clerk). The next problem? How shall I say this? The shoe's looked a little too "flashy" for my taste. Lime green and black Nikes, bright red Air Force Ones, purple, brown, and blue Jordans. We left quietly. After suggestions of Payless and Bosemans from Kane, we decided on the Mall, a jungle in itself. After scanning a few shoe stores, we walked into the Foot Action and made the realization that no matter where we go, the prices were going to be ridiculously high. Feeling a bit frustrated and tired, we quickly picked out a pair of New Balances (reason being? they were the cheapest at the "bargain" price of $32.99) The one and only comforting thought was that Harper will be able to wear them later on, so as Kane pointed out, it's like only paying $16 (something i'm still telling myself now). At the register, the clerk had the audacity to ask us if we wanted to buy 37.99 dollar Nike BOOTIES for HARPER. No thanks, we'll stick to Target for now.

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