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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures From The Past 2 Months!

Trying out my parent's new porch swing

Carson playing with Oscar

My baby turned one on April 3!

Birthday boy!

Yes, we had a Sesame Street themed birthday party-and the boys loved it!

Dominos Tattoo on his hand!

Such a sweet baby

The day of Harp's party (April 5)

Getting ready to party

Harp's cupcake cake

Cheyenne and Harper

Easter morning

Easter morning before church

Checking out their loot

Love my Harp

Carson going through the tunnel at the park

Harp swinging at the park

Harper sleeping after a morning at the park

Cheyenne's birthday party! (She turned 1 on April 27)

Carson "helping" Cheyenne open presents

Harper going through the tunnel at the park

Carson at the park

Na-na and Carson square dancing on stage at the Springfest!

He's such a good dancer!

Aunt "Le-Le" and Harper watching the dancers

Clapping along

Harper sitting in Carson's time-out chair

Cheyenne over for a playdate

Harp LOVED the beach! The water, the sand, the people...

Building sand castles...aka fighting over the buckets

Carson Loves playing in the sand, but is terrified of the water!

"Bear" (age 4)...Kane's brother Chris and wife Tiffany(along with their 3 daughters, "Bear" (4), "Peanut" (21 months), and "Baby A" (3 months)) made a surprise visit this past weekend! The boys LOVED playing with their cousins!

About to walk downtown

"Baby A"


Getting all 5 kids to look one way is IMPOSSIBLE!

Aunt "Ne-Ne" with the boys and the baby

Carson kissing Peanut who is kissing her baby sister!

Big sis "Bear" and her baby sister

She's too cute

Me (bad hair day), Tiffany, and Aleah

Peanut (she is soo sweet!)

haha showing off

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