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Saturday, July 11, 2009

More frequent updates!!!

I promise...I will absolutely be updating frequently (once a week?) from here on out! There is so much to update with the boys!

Carson's speech has absolutely taken off!! He is officially caught up to where he needs to be, but will continue to go to Speech Therapy for a bit longer to make sure he doesn't fall back behind...which is a good thing because he LOVES his speech teacher Mrs. Sarah (Mee Ya-wah) and the receptionist Ms. Margaret (Mee Mar-go), and I must say they love him too! I am so excited with his very quickly expanding vocabulary! His favorite thing to do now (besides playing in the water....all water: the pool, beach, tub, sink, toilet...) is to sing! He still sings his rendition of "Ice Ice Baby", but his favorite is "Old McDonald Had a Farm"....In 3 days he will "officially" be 2 1/2 years old!!! I cannot believe we are already at the halfway mark! We found out a few weeks ago that he is SEVERELY allergic to Fire Ants... He had hives literally head to toe...I rushed him to the ER and after given a number of medications, he felt better. I now have to carry an Epi Pen with me at all times just in case he has another encounter with Fire Ants...Lets hope that doesn't happen!

Harper's speech is taken off, too! I am absolutely AMAZED at how much Harper is talking at 15 months! I'm pretty sure he says more words at 15 months then Carson did before he started speech therapy! It is so exciting hearing him add words to vocabulary every week! He repeats EVERYTHING Carson says! Even "Ice Ice Baby"! Too cute...Harp is STILL not walking...but thats okay :) He cruises and can stand unassisted, but hasn't made really any attempt to take a few steps. He will be having surgery on September 23 to have his hemangioma removed from his toe...We also found out last week that Harp has a few major skin allergies! We aren't positive as to what yet, but his severe Eczema that produced welts were proof enough! Otherwise, he is doing great! He is getting so big! He has well surpassed the 25 pound mark (which is only a few pounds less then Carson!) and my arm if feeling it! He absolutely is crazy about Sesame Street (just like his big brother!)...more specifically Elmo (mo-mo). Harp is a CRAZY dancer! I'm not sure where he gets his moves from, but he LOVES groovin to a good beat!

By the way...I am going back to college this fall! I start next month with a major in Occupational Therapy! I am so excited about not only going back, but creating a promising future for the boys and myself! I am taking 3 internet classes and only 1 class on campus, which is great because I can do my school work at home (with the exception of having to go on campus only twice a week for a couple of hours)

More soon!

Carson in the ER...this pic was taken AFTER the hives went away...He was still red though!
This is a picture of Harp's Eczema spots :( He had them ALL over his body

More Eczema pics

Carson in the ER

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