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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I've come to two realizations:

#1: Blogging takes consistency and devotion. Although I consider myself having both of these traits, not so much when it comes to blogging.

#2: There is nobody out there in the cyberworld who is reading this blog anymore. And you know what?? I feel liberated! [not that I had a large following anyway! ;)

I decided that I am going to blog again. On my own terms. But not for anyone else. Simply as a memoir for my children. Or rather, a journal.

So for my babies: Here it goes!

Carson: (3 years, 2 months old)

We know now for sure that those dimples of yours are going to get you into trouble one day, and at the same time, bail you out. Your intelligence continues to amaze me everyday. You currently are fascinated with dinosaurs and lions. You LOVE the book and movie, "Where the Wild Things Are," and can recite the entire book word for word. You absolutely love church, and speak constantly about "Mrs. Betsy" and "Ms. Andrea." Your favorite activities include asking 665451 questions a day, teasing Harper incessantly, and spending hours putting together puzzles.

Harper: (On Saturday, you will be 2)

You have the most beautiful and unruly curly hair I have ever seen. Daddy and I tease you that those curls are the source of your "evilness." You really are in full force "terrible two" mode, and even though it can be frustrating, I love every minute of it. Why? Because I know that too soon from now, you will no longer be a "baby." You LOVE your brother and think the kid hung the moon. You really do not have any favorite toys, but you love carrying shoes around (I know, really random!) and practicing puting them on and taking them off. And putting them on, and taking them off. You also love getting into the laundry, and doing the same with shirts and pants. The only other thing that you truly enjoy doing is reading. You LOVE to read which makes your mommy happy.

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