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Thursday, June 24, 2010

all things southern- NC edition

one "Bless your heart" always precedes an insult. Most non-southerns have no idea they have just been insulted, and typically nod their heads in agreement.

two "Ya'll" is proper English in these parts. And no, we're not illiterate

three Sweet Tea and Sundrop are quite easily the most consumed drinks around here. Don't know what Sundrop is? Thats because its only distributed in NC and in a select few cities in SC and GA. Ya'll have no idea what your missing out on. No I.D.E.A.

four It is terribly common to hit deers on a regular basis around here. I myself have hit a deer on 4 separate occasions. And let me tell you, those boogers can do some damage. That is why everyone has deer whistles on their cars. Don't know what a deer whistle is? Google it.

five We often say, "We're going into town (to get a few things)..." which typically translates into, "we are going to the nearest city that has a Wal Mart."

six When you live around these parts, expect to get stuck behind a tractor while your driving. Expect it. Most are kind enough to pull off to the side and let the parade of cars pass. Most do...

Everything I just wrote is absolutely true. But I promise we are not all as backwoods as you might think.. Hope everyone enjoyed!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by...I am your newest follower.

    Hmmm you have me curious now as to what I am missing with Sun drop. We live in the midwest so not likely I will be getting to try it anytime soon.


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