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Thursday, July 22, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...


Full House. My all time favorite show E.V.E.R. I have seriously seen every episode of every season at least 10 times. Maybe more. I'm trying to convince Kane that spending $150 on the complete season is a necessity. No such luck thus far.


 Everybody Loves Raymond. My second favorite show of all time. They remind me so much of us. I'm definitely a less-harsh version of Debra. Kane is Ray all the way. And my parents are definitely Frank and Marie. Especially mom...She (like Marie did in an episode) purposely leaves out ingredients to recipes so that my dish doesn't turn out as good as hers. I swear she does that!


 Sweet Tea and Sundrop. I could live solely off of these two drinks. Seriously.


Boiled Peanuts. Gosh I love them. I'm actually eating them (and drinking Sundrop) as I write this. I hate regular peanuts, but I LOVE boiled ones.                                         


Jack Johnson. I've been hooked for about 6 or so years. I love him. Oh, and his music too.


And lastly...the three men in my life.

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  1. People used to tell me I looked like Kimmy Gibbler. It wasn't something I took as a compliment.


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