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Sunday, August 8, 2010

beware of the trochelmans...

This is a public service announcement:

The Trochelmans are sick.

All four of us.

So stay away.

It started in the wee hours of Sunday morning. From midnight on until 5, Carson woke up every 30 minutes to an hour screeching hysterically. Right around 5:30 a.m. I decided to give up any hope of productive sleep and moved to the couch to lay with him. But it didn't help. Thus the crying insued. And then Harp woke up. In a devilish mood. And when I mean devilish mood, I mean he wasn't cranky, but mischievous. As in pouring half a bottle of Children's Tylenol on the counter and then proclaiming cheerfully, "Mama, gook what I did!" Kane then got up to help, but didn't make it very far as it was quickly evident he had a stomach bug. Off to bed he went. After struggling with Carson all morning he finally knocked out on the couch while Harper and I spent the next few hours playing "quietly." All the while I was trying REALLY hard to pretend that my throat wasn't sore. Before I was done making the two of us lunch, Harp had passed out on a chair, quickly spiking a fever.

I was able to snag a short nap before Carson woke up (in quite a good mood, may I add) and he insisted that he felt better. But after taking his temperature several times, it was determined he still had a fever.

The day was long. The day was exhausting. And now that everyone is asleep, I'm hyped up on Nyquil and vitamins, praying fervently that I feel better in the morning so that I can take care of my family.

Goodnight all.

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