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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dinosaur fanatic

Meet Carson.

He's 3 years and 7 months old.

And he is O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with dinosaurs.

His favorite show on television? Dinosaur Train (on PBS).

His favorite pastime? Putting together his T-Rex floor puzzle (I snagged that baby at Once Upon A Child's ten dollar bag event!) 

I cannot stress enough how much that kid loves dinosaurs. I bought him dinosaur flashcards in the $1 section at Target a few weeks ago, and Carson has spent everyday since memorizing the names and facts about each dinosaur-you would think that since I'm the one having to read off each card to him that I would have retained at least some of the information, but no...I'm still clueless...

Anyways, with all this dinosaur talk, Kane and I started discussing how dinosaurs fit into Christianity. I think with all of the fossils found, it is pretty indisputable that dinosaurs did in fact roam the earth. Some scientists believe (and have spread the word) that dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years before people did. But according to the Bible, all of the creatures of the land were created just before humans were. So how does that work out?

With so many questions, I did what anyone in this day and age do.

 I googled it.

I have read countless articles over the past few days explaining the connection between Dinosaurs and Christianity. If your interested in the least, (or just utterly bored) here is the easiest-explained article:

Maybe one day Carson can explain it to me ;)

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  1. My oldest son went through a very long dinosaur phase. We probably have twenty five or so textbook like dino books from those days. He actually started reading because of dinosaurs-he just HAD to know everything possible about them. I used to fall asleep reading all the scientific information from the books he would get from the adult section at the library.
    Have fun with this phase!


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