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Thursday, August 19, 2010

mr. and mrs. boring

Hello, we are The Trochelmans...otherwise known as Mr. and Mrs. Boring.

We weren't always so boring. Years ago, we were the life of the party. We had friends. Great friends. We were spontaneous. We always had somewhere to go and some kind of trouble to get into.

And then...

Life happened.

We got married. And had kids (not necessarily in that order...;)

And the people we once loved to be around had such drastically different lives than us. We lost contact. Sometime after we got married, we were pretty enthusiastic about finding married couples with kids with whom we could befriend. But somehow we never really found the time. And truth be told, its not as easy as it may seem. Mom groups are a big "no" for me, because as much as I love my boys, I don't want to sit around and just talk about them.

So I had this epiphany the other day after talking with Bethany about the topic:

We Don't Fit In.

We are too young for many people's liking. We don't exactly have an "entertaining" kind of home. And we are loners. Somewhere along the way, we just stopped trying.
And I kind of really miss having those friends that you could just call/text whenever. Who never judges you. People with whom you can discuss important issues and the mundane. 
Kane is my best friend. But he really doesn't "get" some of the things I talk about. And bless his heart, he tries. And the same goes for him. He always has these boring interesting things to tell me, but sometimes it just goes over my head.

So...here it goes folks...

Will you be our friends?? 

okay I'm kind of joking. This is the web. We need real life friends. And besides, I have this eerie feeling I'm going to have (zero) comments...


  1. Umm . . hello . . i'm thinking that since we both feel this way . . we should just be friends! :) ha! we love boring!

  2. I feel like that a lot too. I constantly invite people to do things, but rarely get around to actually planning the event.

  3. Don't worry, you're not alone! We got married really young and now we basically have no friends except each other..

  4. You have to learn to use the word "boring" differently. Instead of saying you are boring, you have to say that you are "bringing boring back". This gives being boring a sort of pull. A sense of - dare I say - excitement.

    And yes, yes, yes to all you said. I remember when my husband and I used to not leave our house until 10pm. Now if we are driving home from somewhere at 8pm, we are all, "Wow, I'm so tired. I can't wait to get to bed".

    Fitting in wouldn't be so hard if it was just me. Or just my husband. But it's hard to find a friend that I like who has a husband that Troy would like. Both of us can get along with anyone, anywhere at any time. But getting along with is different than being friends with. Just like being someone's free therapy is different than being friends with someone. You get the idea.

    I've come to the conclusion that we may be the problem. Like, the whole world can't be difficult, ya know? Maybe me and Troy just need to stop being so Jerry and Elaine about the whole thing and get some friends.

    Anyway - Hi! You stopped by my blog (that I never update) and I thought I'd check you out. Love it all, so far!

    We'll be e-friends. Complete with e-hugs. But not too many e-hugs. I'll have to get all Elaine Benis on you.


  5. We were those same people ten years ago-young, first baby, completely different all of a sudden than everyone we knew. We married at age 20! And twelve years later we are very Happy!


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