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Monday, August 30, 2010

Mispronunciations-Carson Edition

When Carson was just shy of two‚ I realized he had a problem with speech- he knew maybe six words and hadn't added anymore words to his vocabulary in months. So after some testing‚ Carson started speech therapy with a six month delay in speech. And after going once a week for a year‚ he graduated from therapy the same week he turned 3.

With all that being said‚ there are still letter combinations Carson has trouble pronouncing (which is normal for his age) such as "cha" and "sca" He also has this habit of substituting other letters in place of the ones he cannot say.

I know, you all are fascinated by this.

Just stay with me for another minute.

I would never pick on Carson for his mispronunciations- but sometimes they are just too funny not to {laugh out loud}......at least I think it's funny :)

Example A:

Yesterday morning I was getting Carson ready for church and he kept rubbing his finger.
He said, "Mama-look at my boo-boo on my finger."
I looked and noticed a blister-like bump. "Oh yeah Carson, I'll get you a bandaid in a minute."
Carson: "oh ok. I don't know what it is. I dink its a nipple."
I about f.e.l.l. o.v.e.r. "A what, Carson?!?!"
"Umm...a nimple?"
I seriously couldn't control myself at this point. I was half choking/half laughing. And then I realized what he meant..."Carson-do you mean a pimple?"
Carson: "yeah...a pimmmple."

Thank you dear Jesus that he didn't say that at church. We might have been kicked out for that one ;)

Example B:

Harp was pulling a barstool over to the kitchen table but had trouble getting it closer. So Carson came to the rescue to help him.
"Here you go Harper-I'll coot it clo-ter for you.

I'm pretty sure I dropped the spatula. Guess I'll make a point to practice "S" sounds with him again.

And my personal favorite...
Example C:

Every night after the boys go to bed, Kane sneaks in their room and tells them "The Three Little Pigs" story (each night changing it up a bit). Every morning at breakfast, Carson re-tells me the version Kane told him the night before. And every morning he pronounces the following verse the exact same way:

"And then you know what happened mama??"
"What Carson?"
"The turd little pig said "not by the hair on my kenny-ken-ken!"

Have a great week everyone!

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