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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Not anything significant to report here at the Trochelman household.

Life has been pretty busy. I'm finishing up another semester of college, so my workload has increased considerably.

The boys are doing great. They have more energy than I can ever remember having, and continue to amuse me each and every day.

Carson's new excuse for doing something wrong is, "Mama...I don't know why I did dat. I guess I just got carried away!"

Sure son...

He is still a movie-maniac. He loves all movies. His current favorite is Enchanted. And if I have to hear the song "That's how you know" one more time...

And Harp...my sweet Harper...I'm not honestly sure what the kid does all day. He is often seen putting his shoes on. And taking them off. And putting them on. You get the point. He also has this odd obsession with wipes. He constantly has one in his hand, and wipes every crease and crevice on his body. Strange. I know.

Kane and I were able to sneak out on a quick, impromptu date Saturday night. And ohmygoodness it was greatly needed. I love my babies more than words could ever be able to describe. But I love their daddy, too. And we really needed that time away from them. We went and saw Paranormal Activity 2. I can't believe I'm about to type this, but it was soo good. I'm not usually into those kind of movies because they typically end up being really cheesy, but I must admit, it was pretty decent for a horror flick.

The weather here is finally starting to cool off, and I am escatic! I dread the humid summers here, so the cool air is greatly appreciated.

With that being said, can you believe it is November??? Where has time gone? Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and then Christmas! Christmas? Seriously?? Already? It is so incredible how fast life is passing by. By this time next year, Carson will be in pre-school. I am still in denial. And what am I going to do with just one child at home? hmmm..... ;) 

Leaving you with an attempt at a family picture from last night...And let me warn you, mama is looking rough...

boys will be boys...

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  1. this picture is PRICELESS! I love it!

    And Maria, you do not look rough! you look beautiful!



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