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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Call me lame.

Call me a total loser.

But I was just beside myself on New Years Eve when I saw the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block performance.

I could hardly contain my excitement.

Kane didn't quite share my same enthusiasm.

But because he is such a great husband he kept his snide comments to a minimum.

Okay I just flat out lied. He made loads of fun of me. And the boy bands.

But I didn't care. I was on cloud nine.

I remember as a young child watching my sister's VHS tape of the Hangin' Tough Tour. Over and over again. And then some more.

And although it is hard to admit, I was at a prime age for when all of the boy bands came into play during the late 90's.

And since I am being so honest here, I will go ahead and make an admission.

I was head.over.heels.number.one.fan.in.love.l.o.v.e. with the Backstreet Boys.

So there. I said it. Don't judge me.

And thanks to YouTube, I can watch and re-watch the NKOTBSB performance as much as I please.

Oh and one last thing.

Brain Littrell can still make this heart flutter the same way as when I was 12. I think he gets more handsome with age! ;)

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