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Monday, February 7, 2011


We are officially moved into our new house!!!

We moved on Saturday, which happened to be a nasty day in our area filled with sheets of rain, galore.

Even so, we were able to get everything moved over by early evening!

We are soo grateful for our family (and church family) who helped! Kane, my dad, brother and church friend (Shannon), through the pouring rain, moved the furniture. My mom stayed at our old house cleaning and my mother-in-law stayed at the new house babysitting the boys. I went back and forth helping to load the vehicles, clean, and unpack at the new house. And I cannot forget to mention another church family who supplied tarps to protect our furniture from the rain.  

This past week has been exhausting, but the efforts of all have made this move as smooth as possible.

At the moment, we only have 3 boxes that need to be unpacked and we are waiting on our living room furniture (couches) to be delivered sometime this week. (It is quite amazing how much you take things like seating for granted when it is absent!)

Otherwise, we are settling just fine!

I absolutely cannot believe how well the boys have adjusted to living at our new home! They just LOVE their new bedroom! And I must say, so do I!

Here are a few pictures of their room...I'm not completely done with their room (hanging pics, etc.) and I want to get them a nightstand too.

More pictures and updates to follow!


  1. Too cute! So glad you're all moved. What an exhausting thing to do!

  2. Beautiful, Maria! I can't wait to come over and see it:)

    Kelly L.


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