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Monday, May 16, 2011

the leash

if someone had asked me a few years ago what i thought of toddler "leashes," then i would have probably said something like...maybe for other families, but definitely not for us

flash forward to present day...

harper is my spirited little boy...several times in the past few weeks, harp has wrestled out of my hand and took off running in the middle of busy parking lots, ignoring my screams to stop. there have been four incidents in the past two weeks....four times that harp could have been hit by a car and killed.

so a few days ago, i went to target and bought him a "leash"

this is not a matter of disobedience. this is a matter of safety. of life and death. i'm not trying to be dramatic...it is what it is. i know what so many people are thinking when they see us. i know that even if i told these people why i make him wear one, that they will judge me and comment on how i should discipline him instead. my answer? i did. and it didn't work.

so until my impulsive little guy learns to hold my hand in parking lots without taking off, he will wear "monkey" (as he affectionately refers to it as).

{picture taken with cell}

hopefully this will be a short term thing...


  1. Haha, I'll be sure not to let my husband read this post because he has been after me about the leash forever! I know it would be good to use, I just can't bring myself to get one yet. I'll probably change my tune when the next one comes along and I can't handle two at once. Keep us updated on how it goes!

  2. I'm officially going out and buying one for Heather...

  3. @Terry: hahaha that would be hilarious.


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