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Monday, May 9, 2011

an update

i've been such a bad blogger lately.

in a nutshell, here is a quick recap of the last few weeks:

Easter weekend one of my oldest and best friends came down to visit as her sister's daughter turned three (her sister being my other oldest, best friend).

my brother and i grew up with these two sisters (Heather and Jess) and after 20 years, remain close.

here is a picture of Carson, Jess' daughter, Cheyenne (the bithday girl!) and Harp (they are only 3 weeks apart in age!)

i think the boys overwhelmed her a bit :)

the same weekend, Kane's brother and his three daughters (ages 6, 3 and 2) came down to visit before he is deployed to Iraq for six months.

{me and Calleigh, age 3)

This past week was consumed with finishing up another semester of college.

i am so so so fortunate to have my mom to help with the boys while i worked quickly to finish up loads of internet-course work....and it payed off! i finished the semester with 5 A's!

then there was mothers day...i totally did not get any pictures, but had SUCH a great day. by tradition, the whole family went out for lunch after church (kane's family and mine). and with the exception of a totally rude hostess who yelled at me (don't worry, my brother got in her face for that :) we had a wonderful time.

this week i am really taking it easy and just enjoying our warm (ahem...hot) weather with the boys...i'm going to get their pool cleaned up and out this week and plan on taking many trips to the park and beach!

next week i start my summer session of college, but after the fall semester i am DONE for a while!

until next time...

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