Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,“This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i'm still here, busy with all of the activities that summer brings. beware: i'm going to be all over the place.

i've been taking the boys to storytime at the library for a little over a month now and they love it. i was worried about how my harper would be sitting still, but so far he's done great. starting today, the summer reading session has started so along with the usual book reading by the fabulous ms. ann, the kids have different stations that they go to to do various crafts, etc. 

we are also gearing up for vbs. it starts in a few weeks and to be honest, i was a bit worried about the theme, but the boys are already obsessed with youtubing the videos, so i'm thinking it's going to be a win. i'm doing the two year olds again this year with my friend nikki so i'm already preparing myself for all that entails ;)

carson has been officially "accepted" into preschool (is an acceptance letter even necessary when your sending them to public schools? :) so needless to say, he is super excited about it.

everyday i dread the fact that i've taken summer classes. i'm still a bit burnout from the spring semester, and it is so hard to concentrate on the divine command theory or psychological disorders when the beach is calling my name. 

kane's brother's kids are visiting for the week (maia 12, caleb 8), and it is SO nice to have older (ahem...responsible) playmates for the boys...it gives this mama a break for a few minutes :) plus, 12 year old girls are great for your self-esteem. "aunt maria, i love your hair. how do you do it? i love your earrings. i wish i had those. and i really like your shirt..." yeah, what can i say? i'm pretty great. ha!

until next time.


  1. two year old class rules!!! noelle will love it this year!! give her lots of hugs for me! miss you all!!!

  2. Hey! Which library do you go to and when is storytime? I think I'd like to take my Harper too! :)


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