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Friday, July 1, 2011

vbs recap

vbs 2011: wonderfully exhausting.

carson and harper had an absolute blast all week and kane had tons of fun (and exercise!) doing the games this year.

 my friend nikki and i had the 2 year olds. 

should i even say more? ;)

we had a total of 6 little ones in our class...some regulars, some visitors...

to be honest, the first part of the week was rough. we had one kid who would throw his body around and scream until he made himself vomit. and vomit he did. 

and then we had another kid who would scream with his fist in his mouth, and then WIPE the slobber all over mine and nikki's face. g.r.o.s.s.

oh and we can't forget our professional escape artist (ahem...noelle ;) who would just happen to escape while one kid was making himself puke and the other was wiping spit on us. but honestly, who could blame her? ;)

after we finally figured out how to calm the kids down, the rest of the week went relatively smooth. 

and although i could barely keep my eyes open at the end of each night, i really did have a lot of fun with the kids (and nikki).

here's a picture of noelle and cooper...they were pretty inseparable all week! 


christian (with benji in the background)

and graycen

until next year!


  1. hmm . . . so sorry i missed all that??!!! {vomiting kid??!!! gross!} but i would have loved that time w/ you, nik & noelle!!!! miss you guys!

  2. haha and i gave an edited version! ;) we miss you too! sometimes i'll show noelle your facebook picture from my phone so she won't forget you! i've seriously got to figure out skype so we can talk soon!

  3. This is an awesome recap! Love it!! I had SUCH a great time working with you this week. :-)


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