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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sneak peak at baby #3

**i've had a lot of people asking me why i have had so many ob appointments lately, so i wanted to (quickly) explain...

i go to my regular ob every 4 weeks like usual. in addition to those i've also had to go to maternal fetal (high risk) ob just to make sure this baby doesn't have any vascular malformations like harp does. i went a few weeks back but they were unable to get all of the pictures they needed (he was curled up in a little ball the whole time ;), so i had another appointment today to get all the shots they needed.

everything went great and baby is perfect!

in addition, they turned the 3d/4d on so i could see my little one...

here's his first "good" picture:

(note: A. i blacked out some personal info and  B. i'm just shy of 20 weeks so he still looks a bit like an alien ;)

have i mentioned lately how excited i am about this little guy?? 

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  1. Congrats! It's always good to know that baby is doing well. I'm excited about our #3 too - especially since we've had the 20 week u/s. It all seems more real now that I can actually see what all that commotion going on inside my belly is all about!


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