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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what will baby 3 look like?

you know those families (maybe your mom to one?) whose kids all look alike?? sure, there are a few variations here and there (mom's nose, dad's forehead), but overall, your kids are "identical"?

well, that's not us. 

my dad is white, my mom is mexican-american. kane's parents are both white. but as everyone knows, my mom's genes (as far as coloring goes) (should) trump everyone elses.

that is until i had carson.

imagine my surprise when my dark brown hair/eyes, tan-skinned self gave birth to a little white boy with light brown hair and blue eyes (they eventually turned green)

then second time around, out came harper who looked a lot more what i thought our kids would like. black wavy hair (eventually lightened to brown), dark brown eyes, and tan.

so of course i am super curious...will baby 3 have light straight hair, green eyes, dimples, and be long and thin like his oldest brother carson?

or will he have curly brown hair, brown eyes, chubby cheeks and be stocky like his older brother harper?

maybe a mixture of both?

such suspense! ;)

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  1. ha, yes . . .we are that family - in fact, i tell brock all the time that if we go for #4 it's looks like the "rest of them" :) - that is unless we adopt from haiti, then i have a pretty good idea that he'll look nothing like them hahaha :)


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