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Friday, December 2, 2011

deck the halls...

it's Christmas time again! 

we aren't finished decorating yet, but here are a few things we've done...

the tree...i just realized how crooked my bow is! totally okay though, i'm looking for a new one anyways.


we have the classics:

the boys' favorite: the nativity ornaments (although there are a few with missing baby Jesus' :))

and of course some homemade ornaments, compliments of the boys.

the stockings: (can you believe we'll have an extra one up next year?!)

and a portion of the entertainment center:

PS-those candles are my absolute favorite...forget the pricey Yankee candles, those are from Glade's Holiday line and they smell incredible! oh, and for future reference, Glade's Fall collection is pretty amazing too.

and we cannot forget the boys' Christmas bears hanging out in the corner:

thats all for now! hopefully, we'll get to crafting a few more things once my finals are over next week! we do have something far more important to do this weekend though...make our first batch of Christmas cookies of the season! and all the pregnant women said, amen!

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