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Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend update

this past friday i volunteered to go with carson's preschool class to the skating rink. now, i knew that at 35 weeks pregnant i wouldn't be able to chase both boys around the rink so i left harper with grandma for the day and off i went. my original plan was to go, plant myself on the bench, and take a bunch of pictures of carson and his classmates rollar skating (it was carson's first time!)...but that didn't quite work out ;)

for some reason i was thinking they would have beginner-walker-like things to help them stay up (like at the ice skating rink!). fyi: they do not. and with only around 10 adults (including parents) and about 25 kids, i HAD to help carson. the kids with smaller feet got to wear the plastic skates that hardly roll, but my baby has big feet so he had to wear the "real" skates. once he got out on the rink, he literally could not stand up. so i had to hold him up (and pick him up!) for around 45 minutes or so until i BEGGED the attendant to give him some plastic skates. she pitied me and we managed to shove carson's feet in the fake plastic skates. 

afterwards, we left and i took him to the store to spend some birthday money, hit up taco bell and then met my mom and harper at my house. the boys and i crashed for about an hour and when i got up, i was having some minor back contractions as well as some uncomfortable braxton hicks. thankfully, kane saved the day by bringing home some NY style pizza and a movie :)

on saturday, we headed to walmart and few other places to run some errands. when we got back home, we ate lunch, put the boys down, and then got a phone call....kane's sister (aleah) was in the general area and had had a blowout. so we got the boys up and headed out to go help her. i spent the car ride on the lookout for her car and didn't think anything was odd until we pulled into our church. it was raining so my first thought was that she (and her 1 year old) had managed to make it to the church before the tire was completely gone. as we got closer, a lady we know came up to the window and told us that aleah and annlyn were inside staying warm. so we got out and when i opened the church doors...

i walked into my SURPRISE baby shower!

my family, friends, and church family stood before me. i was in such shock! most people see baby showers for consecutive pregnancies as taboo so i really never expected one. 

two REALLY special ladies from our church put together an amazing shower that we will forever be eternally grateful for. 

we received SO many wonderful gifts and i cannot wait to organize it all this week! :)

this is just some of the gifts we received:

 we had a pretty standard sunday. church, lunch afterwards, home, nap, sunday night dinner at my parents house. and just because he's cute, i'll throw this picture of my harper in that i took with my cell at lunch yesterday:

so sweet.

hope everyone has a great week! tuesday starts my weekly ob appointments until our newest little guy is here! i cannot believe how fast this has gone by!

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