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Sunday, March 4, 2012

settling in

at 10 days old, we are settling in with our sweet baby boy. 

we seriously could not have asked for a better baby. he is SO good. and calm. he sleeps great. eats great. loves his paci. and get this...he actually likes his carseat! the only thing that ticks him off is getting his diaper changed. 

right now he is eating right at every 2 hours during the day (definitely having a growth spurt right now, before he was eating more like every 2.5-3 hours) and sleeps two 4 hour stretches at night! i"ll feed him around 11:30-12 at night, not again until 3:30-4 A.M, and then at 7:30-8 A.M.  after his 8 A.M. feeding, he starts eating every 2 hours again.

why is he such a great sleeper at night? i think it boils down to two things: 


and this:

the fisher price rock and play sleeper is pretty awesome. when searching for something for him to sleep in (bedside) until we switch him to his crib, i knew i wanted something that was slightly elevated. the boys both hated their bassinets, and i didn't want to waste money on one for Grant. so when i saw the FP sleeper, i had to have it. and it is a lifesaver. he LOVES it. there were quite a few reviews about it concerning babies developing a flat head from it, but i make sure to turn his head opposite ways every time i lay him in it and i'm not concerned.

oh, and the second reason he sleeps so well at night? i think it has to do with his big brothers. when at any given point of the day, you are getting smothered with kisses, have power ranger ninja-kicks going on around you, remote control cars running into the legs of your sleeper, and balls whizzing by your head, you really appreciate nighttime sleep (aka when big brothers are sleeping). he also has adapted to said chaos very well.

the boys absolutely adore him. they kiss and love on him constantly. (so far) there hasn't been any jealously issues and they love to be "big kids" and help me. they mainly just call him "baby" but harp does call him "grant joseph" too. 

and me...i'm feeling pretty good. i think i've bounced back (physically) a lot quicker then i did with carson and harper. i really do feel good. every once in a while my hormones get the best of me, but thats normal and will go away in a few weeks :)

this week will be our first "real" week in the swing of things. kane has been taking carson to school in the mornings and my mom has been picking him up, but i'm taking over again this week. kane will take carson to school on appointment days for grant and if the weather is bad, but otherwise, i'll be back at it again. 

speaking of appointments, grant has two this week...a normal weight check at his peds and an appointment with the urologist on wednesday...a few things are going on with him, but i'll blog about it later when we know more.

until next time!

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