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Monday, May 21, 2012

grant's surgery and "new" look

sweet boy's surgery was today and it went great!

because of his age, they put him under general anesthesia (which includes a breathing tube). the anesthesiologist told me that because of Grant having Goldenhar, his throat is smaller then it is suppose to be and she may have trouble getting the tube in. it turns out she did in fact have to make several attempts before she was successful, but otherwise everything went great! 

he had all 5 removed...it is SO strange seeing him without the tags...

obviously there are several stitches, but here is what little man looks like now!

now that the tags are gone, you can see his dimple in his cheek-which, may i add, is melt-my-heart worthy. 

i JUST got done filling out his paperwork for the full evaluation from the craniofacial team, so we'll (hopefully) have an appointment soon!

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  1. My so is 18 months and has a surgery to remove his skin tags he will have to be asleep as well. I am scared do you have any advice?


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