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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carson and Harper Update

It's been a while since I have done an update on the boys, so here goes:

Carson: At 5 years, 5 months he is quite the teenager. He dresses "like a teenager" and is moody like one, too! Carson has always been on the moody side, but lately it's been pretty bad. He's happy one minute, and sulking about something the next. Carson is SUCH the first child, and is eager to please and thrives on praise. He is obsessed with the Power Rangers and wants to grow up to be Tommy. Carson is g.r.o.w.i.n.g. faster then I can keep clothes on him. Actually, all three of my boys are right now. Carson is currently in a size 12 shoe and wears size 5 or 6 in boys clothing. Carson pretty much thinks Kane hung the moon and that I am embarrassing. It breaks my heart just a little bit, but I know he is growing up. Even with the attitude, he is growing to be such a gentleman and I am SO proud of him. There are days that he pushes my buttons to the max, but then apologizes, and it makes me feel as though I'm not completely doing everything wrong :) He can be so sweet and loving, and is always so helpful with Grant. And he continues to excel in learning...We are going to get started on reading this summer, and I am so excited for him! I remind him all of the time that he was my first baby and always will be.

Harper: At 4 years, 2 months. there really are not enough words to describe my Harper. He is hilariously deviant. He  pretty much never listens. And even though I would never admit it to him, it is almost funny. Kane will have a long talk with him about listening and respect after Harper does something wrong...Kane will end his spill with something like, "Do you understand, Harper?" Harp will look him square in the eye and say, "Yes......Ma'am." You see what I mean? It's not funny...but it kinda is. He'll also do the same to me except replace "ma'am" with "sir." And I assure you, it is on purpose. He will also answer with a "Ro-oh-kay" in his best Scooby voice, or even a "Okay, dully bully" (we have no idea what dully bully means). He keeps all of us laughing with his antics. He is either always overdressed or naked. There really is no medium with Harp. Harp is growing too and is currently in a size 11 shoe and wears size 4 or 5 in boys. He has such a great disposition, and is rarely in a bad mood. He wakes Grant up every morning, and feels the need to add an "E" sound to everything when talking to Grant. A common convo goes something like, "Hey Grant-y its your bubb-y Harp-y. Do you want-y your pa-ci?" Grant LOVES Harper and thinks he's pretty great. And we do too.

I also want to add that I am SO proud of both of them-they have been in at the same church since birth-it is the only church they have known. We have been visiting a different church lately and they have done SO great at the transition. Just wanted to throw that brag in there :)

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