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Friday, June 8, 2012

milestones of sorts

because i ditched the baby book a couple of babies ago, i need to document a few "milestones" for our family.

may 27: our family ventured to a different church for the first time ever, and have been attending on Sundays for Church and Sunday School. it is incredibly refreshing. and the people there are wonderfully genuine. the whole experience has been so renewing for our family.

may 30: Grant gave us his first belly laugh! we all gathered around after church that night and listened to his sweet laugh. i did manage to catch it on camera a few days later after getting the boys back in the car at kanes work...Harp was cracking Grant up, but of course when i whipped out my phone, harp doesn't want to cooperate anymore. go figure. ignore me berating harp. 

june 7: we gave Grant his first haircut! poor baby has cradle cap-bad-and it is hard to treat it with his hair in the way. along with the fact that he had random spots of baldness and a reverse mullet, we decided just to buzz it and let it grow back at once.

and one more post-haircut just for the road:

june 8: carson is finished with pre-school! carson had great teachers and he just LOVED them...so we were a little sad to say goodbye, BUT we just found out Harp will have them both this coming year!

i cannot believe how much he has grown in one short school year!

and last but not least, (i can't leave out harper)

june 2012: harp has managed to exceed his own level of coolness:

summer time is here!

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  1. Baby laughs have got to be one of the sweetest sounds ever. Love it.


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