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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We have had such a fun-filled, full day of Halloween festivities!

This morning I went with Carson to school and carved pumpkins with him. Considering pumpkin-carving is not a strength of mine, I'd say it turned out fairly decent :)

It looks better in person...I promise...ha!

We also made a few crafts.

Afterwards, the school had their annual Book Character Parade! I wanted to be super creative and come up with some great costume from a well-known book, but as you can see-that didn't happen. We just went with  his batman costume from last year-which is cool, because the Superhero book that he has is one of his top favs.

After the parade was over, the class party got started. I could only stay for a little bit because I had to shoot over to Harp's school (which is in the town over) for his Halloween party! At this point it was almost 10 and I had already been at Carson's school since 7:30 (yes-his school starts ridiculously early). Anyways, so Kane took an early lunch break and went to Carson's school to be with Carson at his party. Yes, we realize that at this point, it was pretty unnecessary, but Carson (and Harper) really need that extra attention-and having daddy come in to eat snacks and pizza was a pretty big deal for Carson.

SO-Harp's party started at 10. I got there and watched them sing a few Halloween songs. Harp had a lot of fun painting his pumpkin and making a special bracelet. 

They also had a little parade outside, and I just LOVED watching Harp interact with the other kids.

By the time the party was over, I just went ahead and took Harp home for the day-it was already noon and there wasn't much left of the day. After Carson's party, Kane also took Carson home before heading back to work. 

The whole time I was gone, my mom watched Grant at our house (which I was SO grateful for!). As silly as this sounds, I was really missing Grant something fierce while I was away. I am NOT use to being away from him and this was the longest I had ever been away from him! (from 7am to almost 12pm-BUT he was only up for a few minutes before I had to leave this morning, so it was more like from last night to noon. Seriously.)

The boys and I took a good nap and then lounged around the house and played with a special treat from our special neighbor until dinner. I wanted to make something really quick so I made egg sandwiches for dinner. Grant has had eggs several times before and LOVES them-BUT I also noticed that the last two times I have made him scrambled eggs, he was fussy the rest of the evening. Coincidence? I gave him a few bites and he did great. Gave him a few more. Fine. 10 minutes later until he went to sleep tonight? Screaming. Which is obviously unusual. I think along with a nut and berry allergy, baby boy also has an egg intolerance :/ ugh.

On a happier note-I tried on Harp's old Bat costume on Grant today and it fit! I was totally going to be a party pooper and not dress him up this year (because really, what 8 month old wants to be in a bulky costume?), but I just MIGHT put him in it on Saturday for the church fall festival (it was rescheduled for this Saturday because of the nasty weather Sandy brought us last weekend). It's actually warm and comfy.

(and yes-I know the picture is all weird. long story)

To end our night we took the boys trick-or-treating. It was actually their first time going (we usually just hit up a bunch of fall festivals) and they L.O.V.E.D it. We did what apparently 47% of Americans do-we went over to the "rich" neighborhoods to score big. (That was just a joke by the way ;)

Kane said every time they walked away from a door, Harp would say, "I'm just so EXCITED!" haha!

The Gold Ranger and Spidey:

Happy Halloween!

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