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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the funk

Last Sunday I woke up with my throat feeling scratchy. I knew I was getting sick. By the next day, it was full blown. That Tuesday morning when we woke up in the wee hours to head to Chapel Hill for Grant's appointment, I could hear the congestion in Grant's voice. He held on to the cold for a few days, before passing it on to Carson. Carson had to stay home from school that Thursday (and luckily Friday was a teacher workday) as he had a fever. By Friday afternoon, Harp started sniffling. Sunday, Kane starts complaining about his throat. By Monday, the boys are feeling better, but Kane has an eat ache. Tuesday afternoon (yesterday) Grant's pouring out green boogers. Oh, and me? I never recovered from my first cold. I'm still sick now...I hate complaining by come on...11 days and going strong. I just can't shake this cold and poor Grant is miserable. So I'll end with a few sick pics:

Poor baby.

Standing with Grant in our steamy bathroom, hoping to clear some congestion.

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