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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

past week catch-up

Random Truth: Life is always busy when you have three kids. I know, shocker.

Last week was so "relaxing" not having to do the school routine. I let the boys be as lazy as they wanted to be, and they happily obliged. They lounged around in their jammies all day, watching Harry Potter and playing pbs kids games online.  Our Thanksgiving was spent at my parents house, where we lazied around, ate, enjoyed each others company, and ate some more. I took NO pictures that day, except for a few cell pics of Grant at the dinner table. Oh well, maybe next year?

and yes, I took a picture of my ahem, first helping. I think I gained my baby weight back.

Per tradition, my mom and I fought crowds out on Black Friday. Honestly, I was (almost) completely done shopping for the boys, so I was really just out for fun. The only thing I "had" to get was an acoustic guitar for Harp that saved me $16...I also scored all of the Harry Potter movies for $1.96 each, along with a few other  random gifts.

Grant has been moving forward a few crawls for a week or so, but he finally started "officially" crawling the day he turned 9 months old (on the 23rd). It's pretty exciting to see the mechanics of it finally click for him. The boys, however, are NOT so excited that he has full access to all of their treasures, ha!

here is cell video of one of his first crawls! {you might have to wait a min. for it to load}

Saturday was spent with Kane's family. His uncle and aunt were in from England, so we had a lot of fun visiting with them. Grant was MISERABLE the entire night. I thought it was major stranger anxiety, but come to find out later, it was the start of a virus. Best group shot I could get:

Sunday we went to church and then went out to lunch with Kane's family once more before his aunt and uncle left back to the UK.

the boys and our niece after lunch:

Harp sported his Waldo glasses to church, and everywhere else since then.

Sunday evening Grant ran a small fever, but was otherwise okay. Monday was his appointment, and did not have a fever at his check-up. Once we got home, he spiked a fever and kept it until last night. Poor baby was SO miserable. He clung to me all day Tuesday. Tuesday night my mom came over to watch the boys and Kane and I went to the Pastor's house from "new church" to start the First Steps class-we were actually the only couple there last night & had a lot of fun getting to know each other.

When we got home, I noticed Grant had a rash on his neck. This morning (Wednesday), it was ALL over his chest, neck, scalp & back, he was otherwise in good spirits, but I called the nurse at his ped's office and headed in. They aren't 100%, but they think he had a virus (hence the fever, crankiness for the past several days), and when the fever broke, he developed the rash. Poor baby. When they sat him on the scale, he weighed in at 22.1 lbs-which is almost a pound heavier then on Monday! I'm thinking there was a fluke somewhere in there, ha!. He's probably somewhere there in the middle? I know on Monday he was moving around a lot so they had trouble getting it.

This picture does not even begin to do justice:

Anyways, that was our past week! Signing off with a family picture of us from Sunday:

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