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Sunday, December 9, 2012

weekend update

Last Wednesday night, Carson went to bed perfectly fine. At 3am, he woke up crying and mumbling incoherently about not being able to see to go to the bathroom. I pulled him to me and his face was SO hot. I stripped him down, gave him medicine, & got him comfy on the couch. In the mist of all this, Grant woke up & Kane had to feed him while I got Carson taken care of.  Carson stayed on the couch the rest of Thursday, getting up only to go with me to pick Harp up from preschool. I knew he was really sick. Carson NEVER gets sick. He's my healthy kid. He is almost 6 years old, and has only been on antibiotics (that I can remember-I could be wrong) TWICE. He has had a few stomach bugs (and colds of course), but even those are far and few between. What worried me was that he seemed to be getting worse throughout the day. Around 5pm, he got up to go the bathroom, and couldn't seem to get the energy to wash his hands. He rested his head on the door and I knew he needed to get to the doctor asap. I called my mom to come over (Kane was stuck at work), and off we went. The nurses were immediately concerned because his heart rate was extremely high. He was dehydrated. I knew he had strep because I checked his throat before we left (you know, cause I have my Google, M.D. :), but some of his other symptoms didn't add up. The doctor agreed, but even so, sent us home for the night with a prescription for his strep. 

He felt so much better Friday. He was up walking around more, but I noticed he developed a bad rash. I'm pretty sure he has an allergy to the amoxicillin, which is pretty common from what I've read. Ugh. He is itchy after taking it, but he has to get rid of the strep, so I'm giving it to him until I can get another RX from his ped. tomorrow.


whew, mini novel over.

For several months now, my SIL and I have been planning a surprise 60th birthday party for my MIL. The big surprise was Friday night, & we had so much fun!

it had been a long day and night for everyone, so here is the best shot we could get of the family-which wasn't very good! haha!

Saturday was such a great rest day for our family. We ran a few errands, and enjoyed family time. 

Sundays are always busy, but I LOVE them. Especially now. We got to new church, listened to a great sermon, and then gathered for Sunday school. Grant was super fussy so I had to skip SS, and instead tried to get him to sleep-with no such luck. 

He was hysterical by the time we got home. Checked his temperature and didn't even wait to see what the thermometer stopped at after it jumped to 100.6. Tylenol, Advil, and prayers that he would feel better without needing another prescription. It is seriously never ending.

Harp dresses himself for church. I love his style!

Sunday night was the Christmas program at old church. We are still at old church for the rest of the year. Because of Grant being sick, we left him with my parents and ran down to the church to watch the boys sing the opening songs for the play, and then left.

The boys at my parents house before the program. I think it's the angle, but they look so little in this picture!

Before the kids came out:

We got back to my parents house and listened to Christmas music on the record player. The music sounds SO much better on the record player then any ipod or CD could ever compare.

The weekends over, and we are hoping/praying for a sick-free week!


  1. From a mom who's kids get strep all the time, a rash is usually a sign that the fever is broken & he is getting better. Strep is kind of in the same category as Scarlet Fever, which is super high fever, that when it breaks, turns into a rash all over their body. Also, all of my kids are allergic to amoxicillan [penicillin] and none had a rash that soon after. Usually they have a serum reaction 1-2 weeks after being on the med, looks like circle busies, usually on feet & hands. Hope he's feeling better!

  2. Hope you all are better. I couldn't talk our 8 yr old (on Christmas) into participating in our church children's program.:( Love the boys style!!


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