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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Grant Joseph is 11 months old today!

Grant has 7 teeth (with one coming through now) and wears size 18-24 months in clothing. I have no idea how much he weighs...Around 23/24 lbs? He has filled out a lot recently! 

He LOVES to eat food and hasn't turned down anything yet. I honestly couldn't even tell you a favorite food of his because he eats everything with such passion :) He still takes 4-5 bottles a day, and will NOT take a sippy whatsoever, I have tried every brand/style, but he has NO interest. 

Grant's sleeping is so unpredictable. He slept great until a few months ago..I have no idea what happened, but his sleep schedule is so spontaneous now. He goes down at 8pm just fine (after bath & bottle)...one night he'll wake up at 2am to eat, the next night he'll sleep through the night, the next he'll wake up at 5 am...He always eats quickly and goes back to his crib, so I'm not entirely sure he actually needs the bottle-but he does always finish it. I'm kind of at a loss of what to do because the boys never had these kind of sleep issues, and crying it out really isn't an option because our home is small, & he'll wake Kane & the boys. And he is usually too worked up to take a paci. I really don't mind getting up with him-I LOVE snuggling him in bed-but I don't want to create a bad habit, especially now that he's older. Ideas? Thoughts? Sympathy? 

Grant's eyes have really changed so much this past month! They went from a greenish/gray to a hazel/brown/gray color. It's really hard to explain unless you see them in person ;) They are dark gray-but in lighting, you can see hazel. They are obviously still in the process of turning, and they look different in every picture I take...go figure. Anyways, I guess they'll turn brown? Or hazel? Who knows.

His hair is also hilarious. He has every shade known to man right now. Seriously. Black patches, blond patches, brown, auburn, and everything in between. It's getting so long & curly in the back (yay!), but I'm going to wait a few more months before we get a real cut.

He is a master crawler & can disappear and get into trouble in mere seconds. I haven't really "baby proofed" the house yet (other then outlet covers & making sure legos, etc. are put up on top shelf). I'm kind of taking a "You stick your finger in that drawer, then you will get hurt" mentality with him- also known as, You Live, You Learn. I know, I should get an award. 

He is no where near walking yet. I definitely have a few months before we have to go down that path. I see 2nd/3rd/4th time moms who are SO crazy with the whole walking thing. It blows my mind-I mean, it's exciting when it's your first baby...but with your other babies, you KNOW whats coming. 

Grant has developed a little attitude lately. (^see above picture). When he doesn't get what he wants he lets out the loudest, most ear-piercing scream. It's horrible, really... 

But even so...he always has a smile on his face.

Happy 11 months! I can't believe his first year is almost over!

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