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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grant is ONE!

Grant Joseph is ONE today! 

That sweet baby has blessed our lives SO much this past year, and my heart is so full of love for him. This year went by in a blink of an eye-I can't hardly stand it. I wish I could just soak in all of his babyness-the way he buries his head into my chest when he's cuddling, his giggles when he see's his big brothers, the way he grabs on to my finger when he drinks his bottle...I feel like the days fly by like minutes and my heart aches at the thought of forgetting these parts of his babyhood.


At 12 months old, Grant is wearing 18 & 24 month clothing. He isn't overly chubby or long, he is just solid all around. He is definitely my biggest baby of the three-which is good for him because his brothers do not hold back with him much anymore! He goes for his check-up on Wednesday so we'll know his stats then.

His hair is brown/auburn and looks really ginger in lighting, and his eyes have turned hazel. He still has 7 teeth-4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

He is a master crawler and can pull himself up and cruise. I don't think he'll walk until 14/15 months (like Harp) but he could surprise us :)

He is CRAZY about Carson and Harper. He follows them around the house nonstop and looks for them in their room when they are at school. Sometimes the boys get their legos out in their bedroom, close the door, and tell Grant "No Babies Allowed!" It is SO sad, but also for his safety.

The only toys (of his own) that he plays with are his balls and stacking cups. He loves to throw his balls around the house and then chase after them.

He isn't willing to give up his bottle yet, but I'm okay with that :) He drinks water/juice/cold milk from a sippy, but he still wants warm milk from a bottle 3x a day (AND once at night-yep, we are still up once a night! :/ ) He loves to eat and hasn't turned down anything yet! Along with breakfast/lunch/dinner, he also has  a mid-morning snack and afternoon snack.


And now: pictures!

12 months of Grant:

happy birthday sweet boy! we love you so much!

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Check back next week for birthday party pictures!

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