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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life via the cell

I know I say this all the time, but I feel as though life is just speeding by. I remember when the boys were little (& when we only had one car!) the days were forever long. But now that they are a bit older, the days seem like minutes. I would do anything to freeze time right now. Even though it is exhausting (& really loud), I LOVE the age all three boys are at now. Sigh... In no particular order, here goes a snippet into our lives the past few weeks.

We aren't giving up the bottle anytime soon-we love our snuggle sessions too much.

sweet dreaming.

He is CRAZY about some edamame. 

he loves watching brothers play!


Kane and I watch the boys sleep every.single.night.

Praise be to Jesus, my almost 5 y/o is using a FORK without us asking first! Unfortunately, it was short lived.

me and my boys.

vday cookies! can you tell the boys were my frosting helpers? :-)

got a good trim today! Its been...too long to remember. My hair texture is SO different now after having Grant. It is...dare I say...thin? Thinish? Not white-girl thin, but thinner then I'm use to! Oh, and every stylist I have ever been to my entire life ask me if I dye it. I think it's hilarious because it's just brown, but the answer is (and always will be) no.

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