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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Day in the Life

**I've been wanting to blog about what a typical day looks like for us for a while now, just to look back on in a couple of years! I obviously didn't take pictures of everything, but here is a sneak peak into a typical Thursday (from my point-of-view!):

6:35am: Ugh. Wake up time for me! I do contacts and enough make-up to make me look human. 

6:45-50 am: Wake Carson & Harper up. This is SO hard. 10+ hours of sleep a night is just not enough for them. I actually dress BOTH of them everyday (except for the rare occasion that one of them wakes up easily). I know it sounds crazy that I dress them at this age, but it is SO much easier for me to do it...we made them dress themselves last year, and it would take forever, resulting in Carson being almost late or tardy all of the time. They are NOT morning people! I can literally dress them in about 1 minute-assuming they are awake enough to stand up themselves, haha!! Anyways, this works for us right now, so we're going with it.

6:50 am: Breakfast for the boys while I make their lunches for the day.

7:00am: Boys brush teeth & hair. Get book bags together, etc. and kiss Kane goodbye (*I don't wake Kane up to help in the mornings...theres no need for both of us to be up, and I want him to sleep in and get his rest, anyways. He does offer to take them (and does occasionally), but I can't sleep through the noise, haha!)

7:10am: Leave for school. Its usually a 7 minute drive (with traffic). I've really come to love the quiet ride back home. 

7:25 I get back home...Grant starts stirring around this time. He wakes up and watches the Today Show for a bit (one of his fav shows ever! ;)

8 am: Breakfast for Grant while I drink my coffee. I usually do a short devotion during this time, but I don't today. 

After breakfast, I clean up the kitchen, sweep, change/clean up Grant, start a load of laundry, make beds, and pick up random messes around the house.

I've been trying out these laundry pacs for a few weeks...I actually like them! 

Of course in the mist of all the aforementioned, I have to rescue Grant from under the table around 10x. How in the world he gets under there but cannot get out is beyond me. 

I also have to pull him off of this chair a dozen times before I kick him out of the kitchen and close the baby gate:

9am: Start dinner! I know, sounds crazy, but my new BFF (aka, The Crockpot) has been a huge lifesaver lately! Tuesdays and Thursday nights the boys have football, and crockpot dinners are the ONLY way I can get everything done in the evenings, without all of the stress!

Today's dinner is Chicken & blackbeans. 

Love the Crockin Girls website!

It took about 5 minutes to throw everything together: (the majority of that time was taking the lids off of the cans!). And just like that, I'm done making dinner!

In the few minutes that I was in the kitchen, Grant was busy standing on the time-out chair clicking the computer mouse about a million times.

After this, I get Grant dressed to go outside. He is BY FAR my most active child. The boys (at 18 months) would sit and play and read books, etc. Grant will not at all. He just constantly wants to be on the move. 

9:45am: Take Grant outside. He walks the front and back yard at full speed for 30 minutes, only stopping to occasionally peer up at trees. 

10:15-11:15am: Because Grant is SO active, I'm having trouble getting him to sit still so I can actually teach him things. He does seem to love music, so lately I've been whipping out Barney dvd's so he can (hopefully) learn a few things through music...it actually seems to be working! I skip through the dvd and only play the songs he seems interested in.

On mornings where we don't have to go anywhere, I usually do 15 or so minutes of play with Grant, followed by a quick 10 minute (or less) chore. I continue the play-with-Grant/quick-chore pattern most of the morning.

Of course while I was putting another load of laundry in the wash, he hopped back up in this chair. Stinker.

His favorite game EVER is to throw balls around the house, chase after them, and then throw them again. 

His other favorite game is to throw toys over the couch :-)

11:30-12ish: Lunch. With the boys back in school and practice at night, I've had to adjust Grant's schedule quite a bit so that he can have a good nap. So early lunch it is! While I was making lunch, Grant got into Kane's business cards.

12:15ish-1:50pm: Grant's nap. 

1:50: Wake a very sleepy Grant and leave to go pick the boys up from school. 

2:25: The boys are out! 

Normally we go straight home, but today we have to run to my parent's house to check on their house, etc. while they are out of town. I let the boys watch Disney for a little bit, fix them a snack, give their dog a bath, and load her up to come back to our house for the rest of the week (we have a busy weekend ahead and won't be able to get back their house to feed her, so with us she comes!)

Isn't she....cute? haha!

We got back to our house around 4:15pm. I fold and put up laundry, go through the boys bookbags and lunchboxes, and wash dishes (our dishwasher has been kind of sketch lately). I also take this time to get practice clothes set out, underclothes ready for after their shower later on, as well as set out the boys' school clothes for the next day. I let the boys do whatever they want during this time.

5pm: The boys do their homework, while I add last ingredients to the crock pot and get dinner sides ready. I'm back and forth with the boys, helping and checking their work.

5:30: Dinner! I'm still getting use to eating dinner earlier in the evening on practice days (especially without Kane), but it's just for another month or so.

After dinner, the boys get their practice clothes on, I get Grant cleaned up, dinner cleaned up, and as soon as Kane gets home at 6:15pm, we are ready to head to football practice. 

6:30-7:30: Football practice.

7:45 pm: We get home and all three boys get in the shower. Kane is on shower duty while I get his dinner reheated (yeah I know...poor guy!). I get Grant in his jammies while the boys get dressed & brush their teeth. Carson reads his nightly verses from his bible outloud. The boys take turn praying, and then it's lights out! They are knocked OUT by approximately 8:02pm every night!

8pm-11pm: No pictures, but this this is our time! :) As soon as the boys go down, we shower and I go ahead and get lunchbox stuff ready for the next day, as well as breakfast items (bowls, napkins, etc) and anything else ready that will make the mornings go smoother. From 9pm on, we usually relax together. Some nights I'll sit down to do a quick blog, and Kane loves to listen to sermons on his phone. Around 10:30 we head to bed and start our nightly reading. Right now, Kane's going through his new study bible, and I usually just focus on short passages from my bible.

And that is what a typical Thursday looks like for us right now! Hope I didn't bore you all to death! :)

**Whew! That was the longest blog post in FOREVER! It took most of naptime Friday to type it! 

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