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Monday, February 23, 2015

Grant is THREE!

Grant Joseph is THREE years old today!!!

That seriously blows.my.mind. I feel like I was JUST documenting his first year of life

Here is just a quick peek at what Grant is like at 3 years old!

-Grant still LOVES Barney and Elmo. He sings and dances along every day! He really likes to watch short Sesame Street Songs on youtube...his current faves are Pentatonix Sings to Five and the 3 Primary Colors song.

-Grant loves pretty much all breakfast foods (just don't mix his cereal and milk together-hysterical tantrum will ensue!). He's currently stuck in a chicken nugget and milk routine for lunch that I'm trying to break, and dinner is definitely a toss up.

-Grant can count to 20 (well, with a couple of extra 13's thrown in there, ha!). He can count actual objects up to about 10, he can sort colors and some objects into like groups, he can identify his numbers up to 5,  he can say his ABCs, but we haven't really gotten to identifying them yet! I'm pretty sure he knows his colors, but likes to blurt out any color he can think of before I even point to something, so it's hard to quiz him :) *I'm documenting this so I can look back to see his progress. Grant has come SO far in the last year and still has a way to go to get caught up, but I am SO SO proud of him!

-Grant is still working hard in speech! He's about to start going twice a week and I really think it's going to be good for him. He started putting words together and can identify more objects than I can count...our next step is really working towards answering us when we ask him questions and then speaking more spontaneously (instead of just when he wants something).

-Grant LOVES music. He can memorize just about any song effortlessly...his guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift, haha!

-Grant's favorite place in the world to be is outdoors. He loves to run freely and jump on the trampoline any chance he gets.

-His favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear.

-His favorite songs are Baby Bumblebee and Bingo.

-Grant absolutely LOVES Carson and Harper. He follows them around and does and says anything they do. He goes to their room while they are at school and plays with their light sabers and gets into all the stuff he normally isn't allowed to touch ;)

-Speaking of which, Grant spends most of his waking hours teasing the boys ANY which way he can. While they are doing their homework, he runs in, snatches their homework sheet and then runs for his life, lol! He especially loves to take Carson's legos. He dives into a fetal position with Carson's treasures tucked tightly into his chest. SO funny. Well, to me...they don't think it is, ha!

-Grant is literally the most stubborn child/human being I have ever met in my life. He is like a grumpy old man trapped in a 3 yo's body. He doesn't like change. He doesn't like new stuff (all of his old stuff works just fine!). His stubbornness has really gotten into the way of his developmental growth. When his speech therapist is trying to get him to say/do/look at something, Grant will look at the ceiling and sing his ABC's at the top of his lungs. Or close his eyes tight and name any and every family member he can think of. And when he's tired of that, he'll pretend to be interested in what she's pointing at long enough to grab said object and chunk it across the room, always with a big smile on his face. Sigh. It is both hilarious and frustrating at the same time. SUCH a little stinker.

-Sweet boy still loves his Barney stuffed animal. He sleeps with him tucked in his arm every night and carries him around quite a bit during the day.

-His current favorite thing to do is to make a loud farting noise and then say, "EWWW Mama!" Or Daddy, or "Artin" or "Arper" or whoever may be around. :)

Grant absolutely adores Clara. He smothers her with kisses and hugs alllll day long (bless her heart, ha!). He watches carefully when I change her diaper and makes sure I always put "pow-per" on her. He calls her Twara and I secretly hope he always calls her that.


We had a small party at our home yesterday. He LOVED when we sang Happy Birthday to him and he actually was somewhat interested in his presents (which was big surprise!) Here are some pics:

Singing Happy Birthday...I have a video I'll upload later!

Waiting patiently to open presents :)

He kept hugging all of his new clothes, haha!

He was NOT in a picture taking mood!

Happy THIRD Birthday Grant!!! We love you SO much sweet boy-words cannot even express!!!

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