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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Fog is Clearing

I have 4 kids now. 

Some days I can't even wrap my brain around that. FOUR. We've been a family of six for almost 6 months now (how are we already halfway through Clara's first year?!), and the fog is finally clearing. We are in our groove, our new normal. I'm feeling more and more like myself. 

I hate that I haven't kept up with our little family journal so I'm going to post a bunch of pictures with random captions to catch up on whats been going on over the last several months!

Here goes:

I took this of the kiddos back in March. I wanted a picture of them all together. Holy Cow. I felt like I had wrestled a bear trying to get a picture of all them looking at me, but I managed to snag one. (secret: Carson's eyes were actually closed in this one, so I had to photoshop his eyes.) 

Heres another group pic: I think this was before my mom's birthday dinner at the end of March!

A few pictures from Easter Weekend!

A flood of Clara pictures: aka guilt because I haven't blogged her little life like I did with the boys! ;)

Sweet girl at 5 months!


Harp showing off his artwork that was on display at our local Spring Festival! He was super proud (and we were, too!) 

So...I just realized I submitted this post before finishing this post sometime last week...maybe the fog hasn't cleared as much as I had thought, ha!


I can't forget to mention how much progress Grant has made! I decided to get him evaluated for Occupation Therapy right after his 3rd birthday. He definitely qualified for services, so he goes for 1 hour every week. I really think it has been wonderful for him! Apart of OT is feeding therapy and ever since he started, he has been eating SOO much better. I also requested around his 3rd birthday for an extra speech therapy session which was obviously approved. So he goes to speech 2x a week now (once at the office and once at home). After the summer I am going to push for both sessions being at the office...I really think it benefits him SO much more than the sessions at home. Anyways, enough rambling with that!

 Grant always uses 2-4 word phrases now...that doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is HUGE for him. He was evaluated for speech during our annual craniofacial appointment back in March, and the speech pathologist there thinks he has a touch of Apraxia of Speech (which, thanks to my "Medical License" in google, I had already gathered he had, ha!). Anyways, for Grant that means his brain is not being able to put a sentence together, despite being able to say each individual word correctly. For example, if you ask him to say "I love going outside!" he can say each of those words individually "i" "love" "going" "outside" however, when you tell him to say it as a sentence, "I love going" ends up becoming jumbled gibberish and he'll end with "outside". Its confusing and complicated,  but it suits Grant because NOTHING with him is ever easy! :)

Potty training....is not going. We're on a break until schools out for the boys. He understands the concept, he knows what he is suppose to do, he can say the words, recognize when he urinates, stay dry for long periods of time. It is not a battle of the wills, it is 100 percent a sensory issue. I have a game plan in place but honestly its more of a Clara issue at this point-I need her to be a little older so I can devote the time and effort to potty train Grant.

Last but not least...we went back for a repeat hearing test on Friday...they weren't able to get the results (which is very frustrating because I told them on the phone they wouldn't be able to...not getting into that right now, though...), so we are going back for a sedated hearing test next. We will know definitely if there is or is not hearing loss.


Carson and Harper are doing so good, as always :) Excelling in school, enjoying their childhood to the fullest extent. Carson is playing tackle football this fall which I'm nervous about, and Harp decided not to and wants to take hip hop dance classes...we are signing him up for summer classes which will be so much fun to watch! :)

They sat on our front steps and waited all week for the ice cream truck to come by...he finally came by while they were outside and were just SO excited!

Well that is definitely all for now...longest post for me in a while and it only took a week to type up, ha! 

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