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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday Boy

These are just a few from the many pictures taken on Carson's Birthday. Actually, we celebrated on January 13 instead of the 14th because his birthday was on a Monday. Carson had a wonderful time and absolutely LOVED being the center of attention. All of Carson's grandparents came, his Aunt Aleah, "Uncle" Chris, and "Aunt" Heather and Jessica came to celebrate with us. He got many wonderful gifts (as if he needed any more!) and as you can see from the last picture, was exhausted by the end of the party. The two pictures of his in his PJ's were from that morning. We now have a 1 year old big boy which means another thing...countdown to Baby Trochelman #2! From Sunday the 13th, I have exactly 10 weeks until I am full term! With having Carson to chase around I know that baby brother will be here before long!

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