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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

mmm....birthday cake

Much to the disappointment of his grandparents, we haven't allowed Carson to eat or be given any sweets, however we did make an exception on his birthday to eat a piece of cake. I actually cut him a fairly good size because I assumed that most of it would end up on the floor. Of course, I was wrong. With the exception of a few crumbs on the floor, Carson ate the entire piece and loved every minute of it! Here are just a few pictures of him eating his first piece of cake.


  1. Aww, my baby is 1 years old already! I cant believe it. It seems just like yesterday that he was born. Well im glad he got to eat cake, whoo hoo, he finished it too! LOL! I miss him dearly! Please give him a big hug and kiss for me! And tell him i love him so much! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    His Aunt Nicole
    down in Texas

  2. :( Hey Maria, Im not even going t lie, these pictures brought tears to my eyes. I miss him so much. And I miss you guys too! Tell him Uncle Terry loves him....

    See you guys soon!



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