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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Toddler's Update

Carson officially turned 13 months old on Valentines Day, and he's in full force. He's learned a few new words in addition to "da-da", "ma-ma", and "ball" which include "baby", "na-na" (for banana) and"mine!". He's really starting to pick up on imaginative play and loves to pretend to talk on a phone. He'll use his hand, a block, anything he can find and pretends to talk (he must have picked that up from someone else....) He has definitely improved his walking skills and has learned to stoop down to pick up a toy without falling (which an average adult has trouble doing!). One exciting concept he is starting to grasp (well exciting for me!) is knowing where things are suppose to go. When he is done playing with his blocks, he'll put them back in the wagon where they belong, he "helps" me sort laundry, and even puts the DVD's back into the drawer of the entertainment center (even though he wasn't suppose to have them in the first place...he has outsmarted all baby-proofing experts). And with all of his exciting accomplishments comes the downfalls of growing up... he's very curious about disobeying us and will do so just to see what our reactions will be. He also has become a bit picky with his food which has Never been a problem for us. He also has an extreme case of separation anxiety when Kane and I drop him off at the Church Nursery. Luckily, today we were in charge of the toddler nursery so there wasn't a meltdown (well when we first got to church there was until he realized that we were staying). Usually there is a big crowd in the nursery, but today it was just Carson and his good friend Faith. These pictures below are of them in the nursery as well as one from Chili's. By the way, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and am charging ahead quickly! We will give more updates and pictures as the week continues!

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