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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Trochelman Update

Its been a busy past few weeks for us, so I havent had much of a chance to add pictures to Carson's page. Carson has been doing very well. He is officially walking around with no turning back to crawling (unless he falls of course). Speaking of falling, Carson took his first major tumble last week at grandma & grandpa Rivenbark's house (we'll spare you of the nasty details) that has left him with a busted nose and some scratches here and there. Unfortuantely, we know this is the first of many more to come. On the 24th of January, Carson had his one year well-baby check-up which of course includes 4 shots and an IV line to check his lead content. Needless to say, the week following was pretty rough with him running a small fever and feeling a little down. No reason to be concerned because this week he has fully recovered and is definitely making up for his prior sickness. Kane and I are doing just fine...sort of. Kane ate bad chicken from Hardees and got food poisoning last week, but after it was all out of his system, he was fine. The same day Kane ate the chicken, I caught a minor cold that would have been okay, but I can't take anything stronger than regular strength Tylenol for it, so I'm still fighting it (Not to mention I lost my voice yesterday...I'm still waiting for it to come back...) So if some of our family is wondering why I haven't returned Anyone's phone calls or bothered to answer, it's because I can't talk above a whisper. Regardless of our recent ailments, we are all doing fine and are getting very excited about the arrival of our new baby. I am 30 weeks now and counting. We have decided that we are not telling anyone the baby's name, not that it matters though because we haven't decided on one yet anyway. We'll try and keep you all updated sooner! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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