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Friday, May 30, 2008

Surviving the ER

So it has finally happened. Kane and I were finally initiated into the world of parenting & accidents. On Sunday afternoon, Carson was going down the slide on Kane's lap when the bottom of his left sandal (they are rubber) caught the side of the slide, and bent his leg and foot backward. He cried for awhile but then fell asleep in my arms. It wasn't until later that evening (he continued to nap at the cookout and then we went out to eat, and then finally home) before we realized his foot was really hurt when he tried to stand and fell, screaming and crying. So we rushed him to the ER where they took xrays and decided it was just sprained. However, while were there we discovered he had a double ear infection (ouch!...he's been fussy lately, but we thought it was because his 4 molars are coming in). The next morning I got a call from the hospital saying they reviewed the xrays again and think he might have a slight fracture. So we go back to the hospital for more xrays where they concluded once again, it was just sprained "or something". So I took him back to the ER to xray his foot (it was incredibly swollen-they had just xrayed his leg). They didn't seem concerned and sent us home. So I set up an appointment on Tuesday with his pediatrican (labor day was Monday so I had to wait). On Wednesday we went to the doctor where the doctor seems to think that either 1) he strained a tendon 2) he "broke" something (a lot of his foot is still cartiledge, not bone yet, so he could have tore cartiledge that would potentially become a bone...this wouldnt show up on a xray) or 3) He damaged his growth plate in his foot(this is the least likely, but still possible). We will know more next week when we do more tests. Today is Friday evening and the poor baby hasn't walked since Sunday afternoon and it is killing him! He just started crawling again, but its not the same for him...especially for such an active little boy like Carson! Please everyone keep him in your prayers! Hopefully he just strained a tendon, but they think he would have walked by now (he won't even stand...he tries though....We will keep everyone updated though! Also...For the first time in lets see...Carson is 16 months (Harper is 8 weeks by the way!) Kane and I are getting away for a day or so!!! This is the first time we have ever left Carson (and now Harper) with anyone (Mom on Saturday, Patty on Sunday) for the night. Kane and I are getting away to Myrtle Beach tomorrow through Sunday! We are so excited!!! I'm definitely nervous about leaving the boys, (especially because of Carson being hurt and sick), but I know that we absolutely need this more then anything! We haven't been able to relax since before Carson was born and so we are looking forward to it!! We will let you all know more about our weekend later!

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