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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Update!

Okay so this past week or so has been pretty busy. Last weekend, Kane and I were able to get away for the first time since before Carson was born! We went to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and had such a great time...Don't get me wrong, I called and checked in with the boys every couple of hours, but it was definitely nice to get some rest. Mom watched them on Saturday and Patty watched them on Sunday. We missed them, but its been a LONG time since we have been able to get out of a car, and just go in somewhere. I know that sounds simple, but with two little ones, it takes a while to actually get to where we are going. We have to each grab our designated baby(usually I get Carson and Kane gets Harper) and then of course theres the diaper bag, bottle bag, pacis, sippys, bottles, toys, and whatever else we may need. It has been such 2nd nature to us that we felt strange just getting out and going. No babies. No pacis. Nothing. Anyways, we had booked a room at the Atlantic Palms Resort on the beach. Our room wasn't going to be anything special. The only thing we requested was a king size bed and a balcony. However, when we go to the resort, they had given our room away and so the only thing they had available was......the Penthouse Suite! So for the same price our room was upgraded to the best room in the building! Better yet, we had the entire 7th floor to ourselves. So I definitely recommend the penthouse there! It was awesome. It had everything from flatscreen tvs, stainless steel appliances, jacuzzis, two fully furnished balconies (one that led from the master bedroom to our OCEAN FRONT VIEW, and one that led from the living room to outside), etc. I was the most excited about the complimentary Bath & Body Works products that filled both bathrooms. While we were there we went to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park (we had so much fun...we rode the rollarcoasters, raced each other on the race track...I won by the way, did the bumper cars...once again, I dominated...and even got on some kiddie rides just for laughs) we also hit the outlet malls and went shopping. We bought out KB Toys...I think because we felt guilty for leaving the boys. Mainly we just relaxed which was very nice. Carson has been extra clingy since we go back (he's probably afraid we are going to leave him again!) but the boys are both doing fine. Carson will be 17 months next week, and Harper turned 2 months old earlier last week. His personality is really starting to take shape! He smiles and coos all the time and loves...sorry demands to be held. Carson is doing great too. This week has been a little rough both because he has just started walking around again since his accident (he limps), and also because if you live around here you know that it has been MISERABLY hot. Because of the unbearably humid weather, we haven't really been able to go outside much. Its way too hot. Which means we are stuck inside until the early evening when it finally starts to cool. Hopefully it wont be so bad in the coming weeks! These pictures of the boys are both taken with cellphone cameras which may explain the less the great quality (I have to go get rechargeable batteries for my digiatal). Haper is sitting in Carson's old Bumbo seat. He's still a little small for it (I'll start putting him in it when he hits 3 months old), but I thought he looked adorable in it! The picture of Carson is one I took at the grocery store yesterday. Food Lion has the carts with the cars attached. Carson rode around in the Police Car cart. While we were checking out, we looked down and he had grabbed about 7 candy bars and was trying to eat them (they were still in the wrapper). So if anyone buys any candy from the Food Lion that looks like it has bite marks in it, it was Carson! You gotta love his age!

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