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Thursday, July 31, 2008

in sickness and in health

It's funny how quickly and suddenly life happens. On Monday evening, I went to McDonalds to pick up some dinner (which is unusual for two reasons. For one, we NEVER eat McDonalds for dinner, and second, if we were going to eat take out, we would all go pick it up together). Anyways, when I was gone, Kane took the boys outside to play a game of soccer (well, Harper was watching from the sidelines). Anyways, he somehow bent his leg in a wrong direction, which popped his leg out of place (well thats what we thought). He somehow managed to make it to the porch swing to sit. When I got home a few minutes later, I took them all inside, and Kane layed out on the couch to try and pop his leg back in place. Let me mention that this is a horrible pain for him. After a little bit, Kane tried to straighten his leg which resulted in him screaming in pain, we realized that it was a bit more serious now, and decided to take him to the ER. But of course, theres a problem. I couldn't physically take him to the car myself, and he was in too much pain to even move out of the upright, fetal position he was in, let alone hobble to the car. So our only option was to call 911 and have them assist him to the hospital. So we spent the next couple of hours there (my mom came home from work to stay with the boys...by this time it was already 10 pm.) Anyways we found out two things. The first thing we found out was that he has a torn maniscus(don't know the correct spelling). This means one of two things. It will either heal by itself after a couple of days, or Kane will have to have surgery to fix it. We obviously are praying that it will heal on it's own. Another thing we found out was that he has two cysts in his knee. They are pretty positive that they are not cancerous, but to make sure, he has to have a MRI next week. These past couple of days have been pretty challenging. Kane really can't do anything, so he has been confined to the couch. Its definitely pretty hard with the boys and all, but today he has been in a lot less pain then he had been, so thats a blessing! We will definitely keep everyone updated with whats going on!

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