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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

promotions, halloween, and voting

We voted today! I won't say who we voted for presidentially, but lets just say Kane and I cancelled each others votes out! haha

Carson helping Kane vote

Just relaxing while mommy and harper voted! carson insisted on bring his puppy, so that is who is in his lap

Last Thursday, Kane got another promotion! Starting tomorrow, Kane's new title is the General Manager! He's worked so long and hard, so its great to see that his hard work is paying off (literally)! We are so happy for him!
For Halloween, we went to the church fall festival...With help from Patty (kane's mom) (Kane had to work, so I was VERY fortunate to have Patty help with the boys!) we passed Harper back and forth and kept Carson from going wild. And let me tell you, he had a blast! He Very quickly picked up the concept; you play a game, you get candy. However, what he didn't understand was that you cannot go get the bucket of candy and put it in your own bag, you cannot skip other kids in line (he would walk right past them and start playing the games), and finders keepers doesn't apply just because another child put their bag of candy down for a second. Anyways, he had such a good time! We ate pizza, picked up cotton candy and popcorn, and even won the cake walk! I can't wait until next year when Harper can enjoy the candy too!

Harper not liking his bat outfit

my little bat right after he tossed his pizza on the ground!

my two bats getting ready for the night

Carson showing off his wing

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