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Thursday, September 24, 2009

chapel hill

On Wednesday, Harper had surgery at Chapel Hill Children's Hospital to have his hemangioma removed from the bottom of his toe. It went exceptionally well! The doctor warned me that they would have to take a skin graft from his foot/hip to cover the area on his toe (which would mean multiple appointments to make sure the skin graft was "taking," as well as a cast on his foot). However, they were able to save the skin that was over the hemangioma so he didn't have to have skin graft done! After the surgery, we had to wake him up, and he was unable to fully wake up-he was stuck between unconsciousness & consciousness and became hysterical. We could not calm him down and after several unsuccessful doses of medication, the anesthesiologist had to come in and re-sedate him. The next time we tried to wake him up(about 1 1/2 hrs later) he did just fine & we were discharged. About 7 hours later, he was up & walking!!

Our pre-op appointment was on Tuesday, so we stayed overnight at the Ronald McDonald house Tuesday night (surgery was the next morning & we live 3 hours from Chapel Hill!) While there at the RM house, I was able to meet a few families that really put things into perspective for me, and I will never forget my time there. The staff (all volunteer, exception of 1) were amazing. The house was very accommodating & homey. I have such respect for the time and effort that these volunteers & workers do for families who have sick children.

Harper in the playroom at the RM House
Coloring at the RM house

Harp before surgery

Harper's toe after surgery

Harper knocked out (this was taken right after the surgery)

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