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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is a picture of Harp's bed today at around 4 pm

Can you count all of his babies?? It has gotten to a point of ridiculous proportions. And these aren't even all of them. Now if you happen to see "Monkey" "Cow" and the white "Bear," they are Carson's (Harp manages to snatch his animals, too) 

After he actually falls asleep, we take all of these off the bed and only keep the "core" three; Baby, Cookie, and Bear.

Speaking of Baby, notice how he is not in the group shot?? Thats because Harp carries him EVERYWHERE. I don't let Baby leave the car when we go somewhere for fear of losing him. And I've checked into buying a new one for back up. And thats not happening. Because a new one will cost me $20+ (not including shipping)

We originally bought Baby when I was pregnant with Carson. Carson never cared for it, so I stuck it in Harps crib when he was born. So since Harper was about 6 months old, he has been attached. I mean really attached. He feeds it. And kisses it. And offers it a sip of his juice. And sleeps with it. And covers it protectively against big brother. 

oh what would we do without this little guy? what would Harp do without this little guy?
[side note: Baby was washed Sunday. Today is Tuesday. So Baby is still considered clean in the pic. I know what your thinking. What does he look like when he's "dirty"??]

ahh....only a face a mother father could love.

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