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Monday, April 19, 2010

thats not funny

for quite a while now, I have been working with Carson on "telephone manners" (how to make and receive phone calls)

he's gotten quite good. everyday after naptime, he calls Kane at work and asks to speak "to daddy please"

and when someone we know well is calling, I let him answer so that he can practice.

so lets go back a few days to Friday.

Friday, I was sick. Very sick. Like stomach virus sick. I caught a bug from Harper on Thursday, and didn't feel better until Sunday night.

let me tell you, this was not a pleasant stomach virus, and i'll try to spare you the details as much as possible.

so, again, Friday.

It was Friday afternoon and I was seriously running to the bathroom for literally at least the 12th time that day. And as usual, Harp tagged along. As I was in the middle of, um, "using the bathroom", I heard my cell phone ring. My cell phone that was sitting on the counter of the kitchen.

I start to scramble to get out of the bathroom, when I heard my phone stop ringing. And then I hear Carson's voice,
 "hello? hey- my mommy's in the back right now. Yeah, she has diarrhea. Real bad. On her butt."

Thank you, Carson.

I of course flip out trying to get to the phone to figure out who in the world Carson is telling this bit of information to.

I got really lucky in that he was just talking to my mother in law. Who thought it was funny.

Guess I'll have to make a point to carry my cell phone with me at all times.

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