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Thursday, May 13, 2010

this and that

1. It has been terribly humid here in Southeastern NC. We had a cold winter, spring-like weather for about a week, and now the hot air has settled in, promising for a very hot summer. That means the boys have spending many a days in their splash pool. And they love it.

They laugh and laugh at each other. I just can't see the humor in splashing each other. But apparently they do. I suppose its a brother/toddler thing.

2. I'm reading a new book now called Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. I have seriously not stopped laughing since I've picked it up. I was planning on ordering Plan B by Pete Wilson, but decided to hold off on it and get something a little less heavy. I just finished Angie Smith's very emotional  I Will Carry You, so I opted for something light.

3. I got my final grades for the Spring Semester last week. 3 A's and a B. I was really disappointed in my B, but only because it was a point from an A. The tests in Developmental Psychology were fairly difficult, so I'm satisfied with my work.

4. It was Mother's Day on Sunday, so we all went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse and had a wonderful time. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family.


all for now!

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  1. I love looking at this site, Maria, and seeing the boys change as they grow up. They are DARLING and sweet. Kiss them for me, say "hi" to Kane. Y'all have a beautiful family and are very blessed.
    Aunt Faye


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