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Monday, May 3, 2010


A few years ago, our old pastor was preaching and mentioned how when he and his wife were "young and poor" she would have to sweep the living room carpet because they couldn't afford a vacuum. While most people nodded either knowingly, or in sympathy, Kane and I were trying hard to stiffle our laughter.

We were (and still) laughing, because that is us now.

When we got married, a couple from our church bought us a new vacuum from Target. Well 6 months in, it needed a new filter. So we went to Target (and Walmart, and Lowes, and Home Depot among others) and could not find the size/brand filters for it anywhere.

So we gave up and cleaned out the vacuum as best we could, and kind of just forgot about it. I would sweep the house with a broom, and run over it with my mom's vacuum that she let us borrow.

Randomly, I thought about it the other day and had an epiphany. why don't I look for it (the filter) on the internet??? ha! hard to believe, but it actually took (almost) 3 years to figure that out.

what can I say, I've been preoccupied.

So after browsing a few stores via the web, I settled on amazon. 
 2 filters for $12, free shipping.

not bad

anyways, we have our vacuum back to working like new again.

and...we went to a yard sale Saturday and bought an iRobot vacuum (usually around $200-$300) for $30. Supposedly, the couple selling it "only used it once" (yeah, okay) but it works great! It really gets deep into the carpet.

 Unfortunately, I'm slighty, slightly type A when it comes to cleaning, so it really bugs me to watch it. Actually, I hate to watch it. It creates a circumference of the room and then works its way towards the middle. And that bothers me because I usually go in lines. So I have a tendency to move it to where I think it should go. And then it cuts off because I moved it.
it also has a "dirt detector" and goes where the "dirt" is. So basically, regardless of which room I put it in, it always makes its way to the kitchen, which I find hilarious.

point of this post?

no more sweeping the carpet for this gal!

the vac doing it's thing under the boys' beds. it spent quite a bit of time under there! excuse me, but thats not exactly a top priority for me. i appreciate it though. 

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